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Acetone is an organic matter, which has its formula CH3--C(O)--CH3. Acetone is used as a raw material for the synthesis of many important chemical products such as acetic anhydride, ketene, diacetone alcohol, mesityl oxide, methyl methacrylate, diphenylpropane, isophorone bisphenol A and so on; It's name it got from lat. Acetum, which means vinegar.

Early acetone was a component of glacial acetic acid.

Acetone is also widely used in Russia as a very popular solvent and it's much more safety then petrol, turpentine and partly kerosene. It's used as a solvent in:

  • in the manufacture of varnishes;
  • in the manufacture of explosives;
  • in the manufacture of a medicament;
  • in of glue for films, as solvent of cellulose acetate and celluloid;
  • As a component for cleaning surfaces in various industrial processes;
  • as cleaner tool and surfaces from foam - in aerosol containers;

Without acetone it can not be stored in a compact (liquefied and cylinder) acetylene condition, because the pressure in the pure form is extremely explosive. For this purpose, containers of porous material are impregnated with acetone. One liter of acetone can solve 250 liters of acetylene.

Acetone is also used in the extraction of many plant substances.

Acetone is used as a raw material for the synthesis of acetic anhydride, ketene, diacetone alcohol and many other compounds.

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