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Butanol alcohol is primary alcohol, it has 4-carbon structure and its formula C4H9OH.

Butanol production on our plant is produced by oxo process from polypropylene using nickel-cobalt catalyst at a constant pressure of 1.5 MPa.

Before you by butanol, you must be sure, that substance is a colorless quality liquid with a strong characteristic smell of fusel oil. There are primary butanol, normal secondary, isobutyl alcohol, and trimethyl.

Butanol is used in the manufacture of paints and varnishes, solvents, synthesis of organic compounds and reagents. Is also a good solvent of resins and fats, which are also widely used in manufacturing. Butanol synthesis is important for industries such as pharmaceuticals, light industry and chemical industry. It's impossible to imagine without butanol the production process of brake fluid, artificial leather, film, textiles, detergents, perfumes, paints and varnishes. Its quite affordable price fro butanol lets you use it as a biofuel. Today butanol is officially included in the composition of certain fuels and added to the gasoline.

Butanol can be transported in glass, plastic and iron containers. It uses a road, railway. Butanol has a warranty period of storage, which is 3 years from date of manufacture.