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Butyl acetate may be obtained by the esterification of butanol with acetic acid in the process of heating in the presence of catalysts.

Butyl acetate is slightly yellow or colorless liquid, which has its own special smell. It's similar to the smell of berries.


Butyl acetate is the most common solvent used in the manufacture of various paints and varnishes. Its composition includes multicomponent solvents. This product is capable of dissolving fats, oils, cellulose esters, vinyl polymers, chlorinated rubber, karbiolnye resin. This fragrance is often included in the perfumes and fruit essences. Butyl acetate is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, where it is needed in the manufacture of antibiotics for separating primary substances. Also, it is often used in the skinning.


Butyl acetate is placed in galvanized steel drums and transported in covered wagons or carload LCL shipments by rail. In addition, the product is transported in special rail tank cars with universal discharge device or top discharge. Also it should be noticed that can be transported by road and butyl acetate. To do this, the substance is placed in a tank truck and transported under a tarpaulin. Therefore, shipment is in conformity with the existing rules for transport of dangerous goods transport certain.