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Acetic acid is a colorless liquid with a sharp characteristic smell and taste infinitely soluble in water. The substance is hygroscopic and miscible with various solvents, in addition, acetic acid dissolved organic compounds and a pair of different acids. Specific acetic acid is called glacial because when it's frozen, this mass looks like ice. Freezing takes place at a temperature of 16 deg. That is indicative of dehydration of acetic acid.

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Talking little bit about production of our chemicals.

Acetic acid is widely used in industry for the synthesis of dyes, as well as for the production of acetone and other substances. Acetic acid is used in the food industry, home cooking and canning.

Every housewife uses it, when the summer is ending and it's time to prepare pickled cucumbers, tomatoes and so on. It's also good in softening meat. By the way, when Russians make so-called "shashlik"(grilled pork), they add to the meat also acetic acid to make meat softer.

The substance is used in medicine as a substitute for ammonia and in pharmaceuticals, for the production of aspirin and phenacetin. Acetic acid is widely used as reaction medium for the oxidation of organic compounds, in addition, a substance used as a raw material in perfumery and in the manufacture of insecticides. Thanks to the excellent solvent properties of acetic acid is used as a solvent for paints.

Sounds amazing, how do you think? When some beautiful girl is coming along the street and leaves wonderful smell, it's due to acetic acid.

However, acetic acid is a flammable liquid and substances lethal dose is about 20 ml. After contact with skin and mucous membranes of acetic acid causes burns. When working with the material it's necessary to use personal protective equipment. If you got burn caused by acetic acid, the affected areas should be washed with plenty of water and then you should visit a doctor.