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Isobutyl alcohol (2-methyl-1-propanol Technology - iso-C4H10O) used in the production of varnish and paints (paints, nitro enamel, solvents) production butyl, melamine and urea-phenol-formaldehyde resins, plasticizers (dibutyl phthalate, etc.), as well as oil additives, used as a lubricant. Isobutanol C4H10O used in wash. This substance is a quality extractant for fats. Using C4H10O there are produced pesticides, perfumes and cosmetics, food essences, medicines.


Isobutanol can be transported by truck or by conventional railway in special railway tanks with overflow, as well as a universal drain device.

Accident prevention

Isobutyl alcohol (2-methyl-1-propanol technical - isobutanol C4H10O) has a moderate hazardous substances third hazard class (GOST 12.1.007). The room must have household ventilation. And it should be limited access to unauthorized people. One should monitor the integrity of the packaging. In warehouses there should be established higher degree of fire protection. This is due to high flammability of isobutanol.

Effects on the body

Toxicity of isobutanol C4H10O is small. Getting inside, has an effect similar to the effect of ethanol. If airborne concentrations is above 0.02 percent there occur ocular inflammation of the cornea..

Mostly, production of butanol is done by oxo process from polypropylene with usage nickel-cobalt catalyst with a constant pressure of 1.5 MPa.

It's also possible to receive butanol from acetaldehyde via atsetaldol or crotonaldehyde, which are subjected to hydrogenation at copper-chrome, copper or nickel catalysts. Besides it is possible to obtain butyl alcohol from organic raw materials by acetone- butyl fermentation. Butanol production refers to the beginning of the century. For this purpose, the bacteria Clostridia acetobutylicum and as raw sugar cane, corn, beet, cassava, wheat and cellulose. After the fall of oil prices in the 50s of the last century people began to produce butanol from petrochemical.

The storage should be exclusively in sealed transport container. Building, where some works are done with butyl alcohol should be ventilated, the equipment shall be equipped with local pumps.