Hydrogen is the most known chemical element in the Universe. Its symbol in the periodic table is H, its atomic number - 1. Exactly hydrogen is a kind of "benchmark", "chemical entity", and each person will be interesting to know about it a little bit more. It is possible that it will become a fuel for future vehicles.

New Zealand Resource Science for Kids posted an interesting collection of information about one of the most mainstream elements of the periodic table.  

1. Hydrogen is the simplest and most lightweight and most common chemical element in the Universe. It constitutes approximately 75% of the total weight of elements therein.

2. In a big amount hydrogen is found in the stars and planets of the "gas giant" type. It plays a key role in the reactions occurring in stars synthesis.

3. Hydrogen is one of the two elements the water (H2O)consists of. Each molecule of water contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

4. Hydrogen was discovered in 1766 by Henry Cavendish in the process of oxidation of the metal. In 1781, he also found that the process of combustion of hydrogen is accompanied by the formation of water. Although Cavendish is considered to be a pioneer of hydrogen, scientists noted this element, not including it as independent.

5. Two years later (in 1783) hydrogen got its name. The word "hydrogen" comes from the Greek language and contains the words "hydro" (meaning water) and "genesis" (meaning birth). Hydro (water) gene (genus) - generating water.

6. Hydrogen is a gas with molecular formula H2. At room temperature and normal pressure, hydrogen is a tasteless, colorless and odorless gas.

7. Under the pressure and at very low temperatures (-252.87 degrees Celsius) hydrogen becomes liquid. Stored in this condition, hydrogen takes less space than in its "normal" gaseous form. Liquid hydrogen is also used as propellant.

8. Under ultra high pressure hydrogen transforms into a solid condition and becomes metallic hydrogen. In this direction, there are a lot of researches observed.

9. Hydrogen is used as an alternative fuel for transport. Chemical energy of hydrogen is released by burning it in a manner similar to conventional internal combustion engines. On this basis there are also created fuel elements, which are involved in the formation of water and electricity through a chemical reaction of hydrogen with oxygen.

10. Инженеры и автопроизводители исследуют возможность применения водорода в качестве массового топлива для автомобилей. Одной из перспектив является помещение в топливный бак водорода в твердом состоянии. На этом пути много трудностей, но и преимущества очевидны: если результат будет достигнут, заправляться придется реже.

Engineers and automakers are exploring the possibility of using hydrogen as a fuel for cars. One of the perspectives is to put hydrogen in the fuel tank in a solid condition. In this way appears a lot of difficulties, but the benefits are obvious: if the result is achieved, one will refuel less.

11. The molecular formula of hydrogen peroxide is H2O2. This material is often used for bleaching the hair and as a cleaning agent. It is also used in medical solution for the treatment of wounds.

12. Since 1852 year the first hydrogen-based airship was created by Henry Giffard - here hydrogen was used in aeronautics. Later, hydrogen airships were called as "zeppelins». Their use was stopped after the crash of the airship "Hindenburg" in 1937. The accident occurred in a result of fire.

13. Hydrogen is widely used in the petroleum and chemical industries, and is often used for a variety of physical and engineering deals: for example, in the welding or as a coolant.

14. Hydrogen is potentially dangerous for humans, as it can ignite on the contact with air. Furthermore, this gas is not suitable for breathing.

Sure, this list doesn't contain the whole information about hydrogen. Perhaps, you know about this simplest chemical element something interesting?



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