Exporter of acetone

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The chemical industry is one of the most important basic industries of the modern economy. Its products (70 thousand names ) are widely used for a variety of consumer goods,  as well as - in large quantities - in other sectors,  such as agriculture,  manufacturing, construction and services. Chemical industry itself consumes more than 25 % of its own production of chemicals. Among the most important consumers of its products there are automotive, textiles, clothing,  metals and other. Chemical products can be divided into four categories: basic chemicals (accounting for approximately 35-37 % of world production industry ),  so-called life-support products "life science"(30%),  special chemicals (20-25 %) and consumer goods ( 10%).

Basic,  or "commodity "chemicals include polymers,  petrochemicals of the large-capacity,  basic industrial chemicals, inorganic chemicals and fertilizers. Over the last twenty years, this segment of the chemical industry developed relatively with a low rate - 50-70% of the average annual rate of world GDP. The main role is played by polymers ( including all types of plastic and chemical fibers ),  constituting 33 % of total sales of basic chemicals.

One of the major exporters of chemical products from Russia is Dmitrievsky chemical plant. It's a very big company with its long history, which lasts more then the whole century. We gather a huge experience in chemical industry and we are proud to be famous exporter of acetone, which products have demand more then in 70 countries.

Sure the largest manufacturer and exporter of chemical production are still the United Stated of America. Their share in 2009 was accounted for 18.6% of world production of chemicals, but I think it's time to try something new and it's also a good chance to safe your money, because USA chemicals cost plenty of money.

To tell the truth, there are not so many exporters of chemicals from Russia, who provide really good quality to compete European and US markets.