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One of the main ingredient for cosmetic industry is butanol. It's widely used in varnish and paints manufacturing. If you are a lacquer supplier, then you are in the right place. Our company offers various chemicals and components, which are used in many industries such as cosmetic and perfume. There's no more need to go to the market and find really quality supplier of these goods. It's like to tell the fortune, therefore we are glad to provide our clients with top quality materials.

Our butanol contains no acetone additives, we have all necessary documents and recommendations to make sure, that you purchase good products.

By the way, we offer acetic acid that is probably main ingredient for perfume industry. Mostly all perfumes contain this component, however, in the world, where you see too many offers it's hard to determine how to choose the right manufacturer. In this case we recommend you to try our plant's chemicals, which can be bought on our pages in a few steps.

We also proceed the delivery, so you can buy in a high amount and comfort. You can ask all question and we'll quickly reply you and inform about the prices and terms.

Also you can look through other chemicals, because we have quite a big variety.