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Currently, paints raw materials and varnishes manufacturers prefer to use mostly imported - the share of imported components in the finished paint many manufacturers reaches more third part. Paint raw materials manufacturers are mostly located in Germany, Holland, Great Britain, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and other countries.

Domestic raw materials - is solvents including varnishes, lacquers partially dyes. The rest is raw - spetsdobavki, giving the paint high hiding power, gloss, increase the rate of drying, giving LMC certain shelf life and high operational performance. As the domestic producers of such additives need a little - about 1-1.5 % by weight of the composition. The use of additives imported from abroad, greatly increases the quality indicators varnish and paints that affect the price of finished products:  raw materials like adding one hryvnia for one kilogram of paint. But today the manufacturer deliberately goes to increase prices in order not to lose quality. Of course, it is increasingly focusing on the major domestic manufacturers producing modern paint products and tries to bring it closer to global standards of quality.

However, despite such diligence domestic manufacturers about the quality of their products, many note that Russian costumers are the main ones, that's why chemical plants try to sell the products to the EU market.

Our plant also offers paint resin for VAP industry.

Saturated polyester resins may have various compositions, higher or lower molecular weight, be linear or branched, liquid or solid, flexible or rigid, amorphous or crystalline. Such variability in combination with good resistance to light, moisture, temperature, oxygen, and many other substances is the reason that the saturated polyester resin play an important role as the film forming materials for varnish and paints. In addition, the saturated polyester resin are used in various industrial fields such as manufacturing fiberglass, plastic products, polyurethanes, synthetic stone, etc.