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What can you purchase of chemical products in Russia?

Inorganic chemicals ( constituting 12% of all basic products of industry ) are the oldest chemical products. They include salt, chlorine, caustic soda, various acids ( nitric, phosphoric,  hydrochloric ). Fertilizers represent the smallest significant segment of basic chemicals (about 6% ) and include nitrogen, phosphate and potash fertilizers. The chemical products livelihoods ( constituting 30% of the chemical industry ) include biological substances,  pharmaceuticals, diagnostic drugs,  veterinary medicines, vitamins and pesticides. This segment of the chemical industry is developing at a fast rate that is in 1.5-6 times higher than the average annual growth rate of world GDP.

In addition, it is the most knowledge-intensive sector of chemistry: expenditure on research and development here reach 15-25 % of sales. Manufacture of chemical products livelihood has remarkably high level of specification, state regulation and supervision of special committees - such as American Food Administration and Drug Administration. Pesticides,  which are also called "chemical plant protection products"represent approximately 10% of this group of chemicals and include herbicides,  insecticides and fungicides.

You can purchase of chemical products in Russian Federation.