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Dmitrievsky chemical plant today - is a dynamic company which produces products for paint,  rubber,  leather and food industries. Our products are in demand not only in Russia,  but also far beyond its borders. Today, sales territory includes about 70 countries.

Our company is one of the oldest in the industry production of butyl acetate and acetic acid food grade,  however, we use modern technology and equipment that enables to produce quality and marketable product. At the plant we maintain strict quality control at all stages of production, which makes our products competitive in both domestic and foreign markets.

Purchase of chemicals in Russia became very popular not only with growth our domestic industry, but also abroad, because our products can compete with any chemicals all over the world.

Purchase of chemicals via Internet is a new and very convenient way for young companies, who develop and go up to date. Old companies prefer purchase of chemistry with already established partnership, however they also try to be up to date and develop their business. 

It's rather a new stream of sales, but there are many advantages of this. Now you can buy any product in any country, you can find affordable prices and delivery of these goods.

You can develop your company with foreign partnerships like our chemical plant.

So we work with many customers from any branches of industry and our professionals made it possible to keep this relations warm and long-lasting, because the care of our customers and quality of our products are the main goals of our company.