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N-Butyllithium (BuLi) - is a chemical compound with formula C4H9Li. It's an organometallic compound n-butane derivative, wherein one hydrogen atom of the methyl groups is replaced by lithium. In its pure form it's a colorless, viscous liquid. N-butilo is widely used in chemical practice in the form of solutions in various concentrations alkanes (hexane, pentane), in which it exists as oligomers. You can purchase of n-butilo in our store.

Appearance of butyl acetate: mobile clear liquid with a characteristic odor of caramel, enjoyable in small concentrations, with increasing amount of butyl acetate in the air it gets a sharp smell and irritates the eyes. There are four isomers of butyl acetate and there are also two secondary and tertiary butyl acetate butyl acetate. In Russia commercially available product typically contains all the isomers. Many chemical plants offer to purchase of n-butyl acetate and purchase of n-butyl ester.


Amount of the basic substance is not less butylacetate: 99.0%

Density at 20C 0,878-0,881 kg/dm3

acidity in terms of acetic acid, no more than: 0.01%

The water amount of no more than 0.02%

Chromaticity points (Pt-Co) 10

Packaging: 200 liter drums, if necessary, make packing in cans.

Safety regulations:

Works related to the production and use of solvents is carried out in the premises while constantly operating supply and exhaust ventilation and exchange. Workers should be provided with special clothing, footwear and personal protective equipment. It's important to have defence against falling into the eyes of the solvent and observe personal hygiene measures, in contact with skin - wash with warm soapy water.