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In accordance with extremely unfavorable ecological situation becoming increasingly important water - dispersive varnishes and paints, the production and use are not associated with the use of toxic and flammable organic substances.

Their main advantages include low toxicity, quick drying, the opportunity to paint wet surfaces and perform painting work in high humidity.

The use of such materials eliminates the use of toxic solvents which are irreversibly when cured VAP evaporates into the atmosphere. In addition, when working with these materials  the requirements for occupational safety, fire and explosion hazards of the painting works are reduced, it does not require the use of equipment for the production and application in explosion-proof design. Thus, the use of water - dispersion VAP leads to savings in production costs of irretrievably lost solvents, safety measures, to make the process of staining harmless and fireproof. Purchase of raw materials for paints and purchase of raw materials for inks now became not only a good decision, which safes your money, but also safes the nature.

In recent years, water - dispersive VAP materials were used in construction for exterior and interior finishes. Such materials must not only solve the problem of decorative finishing of buildings and structures, but also to protect buildings against moisture, sunlight, mechanical or chemical damage. The most promising materials in this respect are based on aqueous dispersions of acrylic copolymers. The formulations of these VAP are quite complex and may contain 10-20 different components. The main components of aqueous - dispersion paints, except of polymer dispersions and water  are pigments, inorganic fillers, coalescents, dispersants, thickeners, defoamers and preservatives, providing the necessary stability and processability of the ink receiving and durable protective coatings.

Supply of raw materials and additives for the production of water - dispersion VAP is one of the most important areas of the company. We offer a wide range purchase of raw materials from the world's major manufacturers for the production of high-quality varnish and paints, and also we try to provide our customers with expert advice and assistance in the implementation of new products.