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For many years at the market of mixed solvents there exists successfully operating company "Dmitrievsky chemical plant". During our work we have collaborated with a number of clients from many different areas, such as varnish and paints, food industry and also cosmetic and perfume industries, many of which have become our regular customers and partners.

One of the key areas of our business is the manufacture and sale of solvents. Production of solvents is in accordance with all necessary quality standards. We are pleased to offer high quality own production made in compliance with modern standards of quality.

On our website under "Products"you can find information about our range of products:  solvents and thinners, acetic acid, butyl acetate, acetone, and more. Production of solvents as well as other types of products. You can directly make a purchase of solvents for production of paints or purchase solvents for production of lacquers. We are also a partner of many printing companies, and they make purchase of solvents for production of inks.

We want to mention, that most of the solvents are physiologically active and many types of organic solvents are fire hazard. That is why the use of solvents should follow safety rules. Solvent should be used only for designated purposes, and in gloves to protect the hands. Everyone knows that the smell of some solvents can cause severe poisoning. To avoid unpleasant situations,  it is necessary to consider the conditions under which the solvent is used. The room should be well ventilated necessarily.

Depending on the purpose solvents are divided into three types: drop-in,  special and individual. Solvent for paints, enamels and varnishes are of a special kind: acetone, mineral spirits.

Our experts will be pleased to advise you on the wholesale and retail sales of solvents and other products of our plant. We are ready to deliver products to your office.