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Raw materials for making paint can differ from one company to another, but solvents, released on our plant are widely used in any VAP company.

Acetone and butyl acetate are the main raw material for paint manufacturing.

Such raw material of paint production as solvent 646 is also widely used all over the world.

There are several stages of paint preparation:

1. Dissolver is charged with estimated amount of drinking water (GOST 2874 ),  and then the frame agitator is turned on (or dissolver with cutter ) and a prescription amount of sodium polyphosphate is added and it's stirred by a stirrer (or cutter ) until the complete dissolution of sodium polyphosphate (about 1-1,5 hour ).

In industry, pre- prepared solution of sodium polyphosphate is often used, for which a separate receptacle ( or a frame with an anchor stirrer at a rotation speed of 60-120 rev / min),  preferably equipped with a heated jacket,  is filled by prescription with 10-12 % of water,  prescription amount of dry sodium polyphosphate is added and its dissolution process is carried out at a temperature of 30-40°C and agitator rotating 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the state of the sodium polyphosphate,  if it is in a powder form - the time is up to 30 min, if it's in the form of lumps or large pellets - up to 1 hour. 

In the absence of heating in the "shirt "dissolution process is lengthened,  but control over the completeness of dissolution of sodium polyphosphate should always be carried out at each manufacturing solution.

After complete dissolution of sodium polyphosphate there poured to the mixer Tsellosayz QP 52000H with a very fine granular stream ( for example:  in an industrial environment 24kg of Tsellosayz are poured within 15-20 min. ). In the case of a quick introduction of Tsellosayz there can appear the problems with mixer, associated with the formation of clots,  which can then be difficult to break in the paste and thus homogenize the solution.

After pouring the prescribed amount of Tsellosayz and its complete dissolution (controls carried out by pouring the solution onto a glass plate in the presence of undissolved pellets of Tsellosayz ) in a mixer at low speed ( 60-120 rev / min) and add then step by step next components:

  • Additol XW 330 - defoamer;
  • Additol VXW 6392;
  • Dovisil;
  • Dowanol DPnB;
  • Propylene glycol.

After addition of the last component of the mixture was stirred for 10 min.

2. With constantly running dissolver ( with cutter shaft,  shaft speed of 1000-1200 r / min) there charge in series:

  • Titanium dioxide rutile
  • Omiakarb 5 SC
  • Omiakarb 2 SC

We should note, that during the production process there used raw material for paint.