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Technology of paint manufacturing

For the production of waterborne paints,  it is desirable to use a mixer - dissolver,  which may be if  it's possible, sure, necessary stirring together easily combined components of the frame ( anchor ) and simultaneously stirred to disperse loose paint components ( pigments and fillers ) milling stirrer disposed, which is eccentrically relative to the central shaft of the frame ( anchor ) mixer.

Different chemical plants offer raw materials for paint manufacturing, so it's a complex process a basically proceeded in a few industries. There are no manufactures, which can produce varnish and paint materials and also raw materials for paints. Typically,  the mixing frame ( anchor ) is carried out at low stirrer speed ( 60-120 rev / min),  dispersing the same loose components produced by milling with a shaft speed of 1000-1200 rev / min. In the absence of the above-mentioned multi - dissolver mixer for the production of water-dispersion paints - dissolver with a central shaft with cutter without frame agitator can be used. Calculation of parameters of the dissolver with a central shaft,  allowing for an effective dispersion process is attached.

Since the water- dispersion inks are corrosive medium having a pH of from 8 to 10 and above, in the manufacture of paints,  it is desirable to use all the capacity equipment made of stainless steel or glass inside and the communication conduits,  - stainless steel.

Handling of finished paints and dispersion through pipelines to the production line waterborne paints are only needed to use screw pumps, because centrifugal and gear pumps ( as the most common in the paint industry ) destroy the dispersion and lead to loss of the properties of paint. The pressure exerted by the screw pump can hesitate within 3-8 atmospheres,  depending on the pipe diameter. If the line diameter is 89-102 mm,  the approximate capacity of a screw pump can be 5-8 atm.

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