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Let's talk today about solvent in chemical industry. 

To dilute the oil-based paints there are often used following solvent chemicals: mineral spirits, gasoline, acetone, turpentine. We will describe here in detail each of them. So, white spirit - is produced in the process of oil refining. Used to dissolve the alkyd, bitumen, oil paints, as well as for rubbers, drying oils and polybutylmethacrylate of epoxy. Instead of  it, it can also be used nefras 150/180 ( as a substitute ). Turpentine is manufactured during industrial process in the processing of pine wood.

Distinguish the following types of it:  suhoperegonny, steam, sulfate, extraction. The best is the one that contains more pinene. Use it to dilute oil paint, glyptal, bitumen, pentaphthalic VAP. Acetone is got by proceeding cumene hydroperoxide. This is a good solvent for paints and varnishes based on vinyl polymers. Also it is used for dilution of polyacrylates, epoxy resins, chlorinated rubber, vinyl chloride copolymers.

In order to dilute the varnish it can be used the following solvents: benzene, P -4, P - 4A 646. Speaking about the first - benzene is obtained by the pyrolysis of its raw stone of benzene and oil. It is also an excellent diluent for rubbers, fats, oils, waxes, cellulose esters, and silicone and cresol formaldehyde resins. In the case, if it is necessary to dissolve the polyurethane varnish, there are also well suited compositions F -4 and F - 4A.

The main ingredients of these mixtures include: ethers, ketones, hydrocarbons. There are also included some of the components that can significantly improve the efficiency of dissolution of VAP. They are used for many varnish and paint materials - lacquers, primers, enamels. 646 solvent suits good before application of paints ( degreasing it ), and effectively dissolves nitrocellulose and nitrovarnishes.

There also exists a solvent for glue.

Solvent for glue is necessary not only in the process of applying the composition, but also when the mixture has dried up. For example, there are times that you need to remove certain parts or scrub the stain. The best solvent for superglue - is usually ethyl acetate, xylene, butyl acetate and acetone. And sometimes suitable diluents for acrylic and polyurethane varnishes and paints. Tell more about them. Ethyl acetate - used for nitrocellulose and polyacrylate varnish and paint materials. As acetone, can dissolve almost all of the polymers.

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