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With various solvent for paint the humanity faces more than ten thousand years. Anyway various solvents were used by our ancestors - consciously or instinctively,  since immemorial times. The first, most important and most common solvent is water. As soon as the first paints appeared - even in a time when to replace the black and white rock drawings with colored - it was necessary not only to create paints, but also to dilute them. First paints were on the water-soluble binder resin trees, egg protein and other organic substances available to ancient man. Pigments were mashed to a state the dust minerals,  coal and some biological dyes. And this is kneaded mass in the water (it was the first application of paint solvent) was applied to the right place,  and after drying: still life with a mammoth in full size and in color. With the development of the varnishes and paints industry (it was much later ), paint formulations have been improved. As base of the binder there were used various oils so-called drying- oil such as linseed,  now water as a solvent has not suit - oil can be dissolved,  lie a turpentine. The range of solvents was greatly developed with turpentine and light oils. With a growing interest to the petrochemicals there appeared kerosene, gasoline,  solvent and with the development of chemical and resin industries - acetone, benzene, toluene, xylene. Science didn't stand at one place and to replace the oil, there appeared new - film-forming nitrocellulose,  acrylic,  and other perchlorovinyl materials. Accordingly, the requirements to the solvents were greatly improved. Some solvents worked well with some film-forming,  but didn't dissolve another resins, some of the simple solvents worked but not good enough, and in some cases the paint was applied to the substrate well,  but the resulting... paint after drying looked absolutely ugly, or wrinkled paint or protruding spots. Yes, there are many unpleasant things. As a result, people had to develop a special solvents practically in the form which we have them today, in our modern and almost happy time. So,  try a little to systematize our knowledge of solvents.

Despite the time goes by solvent producers from Russia use almost the same solvents.

And also pay attention, that there are many solvent producers in Russia, however, not all of them supply quality product without additives. In this case, we recommend you to be very careful with your choice of chemicals.