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Let's discuss different solvents and chemicals, used in a chemical industry.

Acetone is widely used in the synthesis of polycarbonates,  polyesters, polyurethanes and epoxy resins. Acetone is a solvent oils,  natural resins,  epoxy resins,  polyacrylates,  chlorinated rubber. Good in dissolving fats,  waxes, gums,  salts,  such as potassium iodide,  calcium chloride.

White spirit is a universal solvent for paints and varnishes work. White spirit dissolves oil paints, lacquers, enamels,  primers, mastics road. Used for degreasing surfaces washing parts and tools. White spirit is not harmful in contact with skin and has a low toxicity.

Solvents for thinners are almost the same.

Solvents are varied, and each of them is used for certain paint vehicles. Nevertheless, it is 646 solvent and it is the most popular among buyers. Why is this so?

First of all, it happens because it has the widest range of its applications. 646 solvent is suitable for several types of paints,  primers,  enamels and even putty. Because of this, it is considered as one of the generic formulations for interior decorating. Almost any time when it's necessary to work with the walls or ceiling you can use it.

The other thing is its availability. Since Soviet times, production volumes are large,  so that the solvent 646 can be bought in any store. Current state standards,  and quality are maintained for decades. Although some manufacturers now prefer TU,  however, this does not narrow scope.

Thirdly,  the ease of its application. Unlike many other types of solvents,  for example,  gasoline, exactly 646 eliminates the use of special means of protection. Its composition is complex, but this provided a complete lack of greasy or the danger of chemical burns.

Fourth, the lowest price. Perhaps primarily solvents have become popular among people because of frequent repairs in houses. Nevertheless,  monetary costs can never be forgotten. Therefore, a low price became the main goal in people' choice.