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Dmitrievsky chemical plant works with many top producers in a food industry, where acetic acid. However, sometimes it happens, that people looks for new suppliers and ask the question: "Where I can buy acetic acid?"We offer a good decision - try our internet store. We propose our customers different chemicals.

We are one of the best specialist in Russian market, who produce chemical products. Now we want to develop our company, working with foreign market, providing goods with affordable price. This happens, because Russian customers are not ready to buy wholesale chemicals, while there is a huge demand in European countries.

By the way we have a huge list of components and materials, which may be interested for you: raw materials for dyes, inks, varnish and paint manufacturing, food industry and also cosmetic and perfumes.

We keep all standards of production, and so-called "Russian GOST", which is known all over the world since Soviet Union times.

Sure, you can go to the market and try a local supplier, but the quality of this product can be not so good. That's why we offer you our product, which you will be satisfied with.

So, if you still don't know where to buy acetic acid - welcome to our pages.