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SHORT DESCRIPTION n-butanol is a clear liquid with characterictic vinous odor. It is miscible with a number of organic solvents. n-Butanol is soluble in water and it forms azeotropic solution with it (42% H2O by mass, bp 92.7°C). n-Butyl alcohol is a typical aliphatic alcohol. The n-butanol vapour has an irritant effect on mucous membranes and narcotic effect in higher concentration
n-butanol (n-butyl alcohol, NBA, butan-1-ol)
HS code
2905 13 00
ADR class 3, packaging group III
USES n-Butanol is used:
·  as a solvent for a wide variety of chemical and textile processes;
·  as a paint thinner;
·  as a component of hydraulic and brake fluids;
·  as a direct fuel in any standard internal combustion engine engineered for gasoline usage;
·  as urea- and melamino-formaldehyde resins modifier;
·  n-butanol is an intermediate product in plasticizers manufacture;
·  in butyl acetate, butyl acrylate and glycol ethers production.


Appearance (visual color) Transparent liquid without mechanical impurities
Colority, Hazen units, max 10
Density at 20°C, g/cm³ 0,809-0,811
Mass fraction of butyl alcohol, %, min 99,5
Mass fraction of acids in acetic acid recalculation, %, max 0,003
Mass fraction of carbonyl compounds in butyric aldehyde recalculation, % max 0,0011
Mass fraction of non-volatile residue, %, max 0,0025
Mass fraction of water, %, max 0,1
Bromine number, g of brome/100 g of alcohol, max 0,03

Shelf life:
Stored in its original packaging and kept under proper conditions the storage stability of the products is 36 months.

The certificate of analysis (COA) per shipped lot number must be issued in compliance with Russian standard GOST 5208-81