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The fraction of aromatic hydrocarbons (FAH) is a mixture of aromatic hydrocarbons

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The fraction of aromatic hydrocarbons (FAH) is a mixture of aromatic hydrocarbons


FAH can be used in the production of gasoline and as a high-octane additive in the petrochemical industry.

Also, this product is a solvent of petroleum resins, dyes, varnishes and is used in the production of aromatic and petroleum solvents.

In addition, the FAH is implemented in the production of license solvents and as absorbents.

Technical characteristics

FAH is a transparent liquid with a characteristic aromatic odor of hydrocarbons, which does not contain mechanical impurities and water, according to Industry Standard 00149765-005-2013 has the following characteristics:

Density at 20 ° С, g/cm3

, not less than 860

Fractional composition:

-          temperature of the start of distillation, °С

-          90% is distilled at a temperature of, ° C


not lower than 120

not higher than 160

Mass fraction of aromatic hydrocarbons, %:

-          Toluene

-          C8 aromatic hydrocarbons

-          C9-C10 aromatic hydrocarbons



not more than 30

of at least 60

not more than 10

The reaction of the aqueous extract

is neutral

Evaporation stands the test


The content of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans



Safety and regulation

The FAH is stored in metal tanks, excluding precipitation and dust, and protected from static electricity, in warehouses for storing flammable liquids.

Work with the FAH should be carried out in a well-ventilated area using such personal protective equipment as a suit to protect against oil and oil products, protective gloves made of PVC, rubber, neoprene, goggles of the closed type.