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Titanium dioxide is a colorless solid crystalline substance. Despite its colorless, titanium dioxide in large quantities is an extremely effective white pigment if it is well purified.

Not available

- Paintwork materials: enamels, varnishes, paints, - to improve hiding power and bleaching, to protect surfaces from UV rays;

-Plastiс material: to ensure the intensity of color, high whiteness;

- Paper and cardboard: bleaching, improvement of covering ability of a paper pulp, for lamination;

- Synthetic fibers and fabrics: matting of twisted fibers;

Technical characteristics


white powder

Mass fraction of titanium dioxide (TiO2), %

not less than - 92

Mass fraction of substances soluble in water, %,

not more than - 0.2

Mass fraction of volatile substances at a drying temperature of 105 °C, %

not more than 0.5


pH of aqueous suspension


Whiteness, conventional units

not less than -96

Oil absorption, g / 100 g of pigment

not more than - 25


Safety and regulation

TiO2 is recommended to be stored in a dry and ventilated area, as well as to avoid the ingress of sunlight and moisture into the product. If the conditions of storage and transportation in sealed packaging are observed, the shelf life of the dioxide is 12 months.

Use any medical means to remove the powder, be protected from dust, and avoid falling into drinking water.