Solvent Ultimax Р-5/Р-5А

Ultimax Solvent R-5/R-5A is a mixture of aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones and esters.

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Ultimax Solvent R-5/R-5A is a mixture of aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones and esters.


Solvent Ultimax R-5 is a multi-component composition that is used in various painting works. Its main task is the qualitative dilution of perchlorovinyl materials, but it is also used in conjunction with other types of paintwork materials. Mixing Ultimax R-5 solvent with paints based on organosilicone, polyacrylic, rubber, PVC and polyvinyl chloride chlorinated resins, you can achieve any necessary consistency paintwork material. Such a substance as a solvent Ultimax P-5 is used not only to dilute primers, paints and enamels, but also for pre-cleaning surfaces and removing paint residues on working tools. Very often, the solvent brand Ultimax P-5 is used in the automotive industry and automotive workshops. Ultimax R-5A solvent is used in cases when the technology excludes the possibility of using Ultimax R-5 solvent.

Technical characteristics

Ultimax R-5/R-5A solvent according to GOST 7827-74 is a colorless or slightly yellowish homogeneous transparent liquid without visible suspended particles

The solvent Ultimax P-5/R-5 A according to GOST 7827-74, has the following characteristics:


Mass fraction of water according to Fisher, %,

not more than - 0.7

Volatility over ethyl ether


Acid number, mg KOH/g

not more than - 0.07

Coagulation number, %

not less than - 30

Diluting effect

coagulation and exfoliation of paintwork should not be observed, after drying there should be no whitening of the film on the surface, as well as whitish or dull spots

Flash point at solvent Р-5 in a closed crucible, °С

not lower - minus 12

Flash point at solvent Р-5 А in a closed crucible, °С

not lower - minus 3

Safety and regulation

Ultimax R-5 / R-5A solvent GOST 7827-74 is a flammable liquid with a characteristic odor, which has a strong irritant effect on the skin, the mucous membrane of the eyes and upper respiratory tract. In this regard, the work with the solvent is carried out in rubber gloves in a well-ventilated area. At hit of solvent on skin wash it off with a large amount of water with soap.