Dmitrievsky Chemical Plant (DHZ) is a major manufacturer of Butyl acetate in Russia and CIS countries.

The company, established in 1899, has developed into a sophisticated state-of-art plant. DHZ has modern manufacturing facilities coupled with the highest control standards delivering a consistent quality product at all times.

DHZ manufactures and supplies a comprehensive list of solvents for a wide range of industries, both for domestic , CIS and export markets . Every product is produced in accordance with our Russian standard GOST. This assures our customers “on-spec” quality products.

We are able to offer the tailoring of our Butyl acetate in respect of water content to meet each individual customer’s requirements.

In addition to Butyl acetate we offer N-butanol and Isobutanol.

We are strategically located in Kineshma, appr. 900 km from St.Petersburg sea port, so we can ship products to any location. Deliveries are effected in:

  • RTCs (in big ones to Finland and small ones to Western Europe);
  • in RTTs;
  • in isocontainers (by rail to Eastern Europe to our forwader’s terminal in Slawkow, Poland and by truck for shipment from St. Petersburg till Rotterdam warehousing facilities for further delivery to the rest of Europe) ;
  • new steel drums “GREIF” both in 20’ and 40’ fcls.


Products produced by us: