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Acetic acid butyl ester (also known as butyl acetate) is an organic compound, mainly used in manufacturing lacquers, but also in many other chemical branches. Sometimes it can be colorless and sometimes it may have slightly yellow color. It smells nice with a taste of fruits.

By the way, you can easily differ high quality butyl acetate from simple acetone, when you buy nail remover or lacquer. It has its special smell.

Many lacquer manufacturers can use acetone instead of butyl acetate, which is very harmful for skin. It's fact, that such production is prohibited in the countries of Europe Union. But, unfortunately, it doesn't stop people, who buy different nail enamel removers.

Today, in age of technical progress it became possible to buy even such complicated and particular things like chemicals in internet. Our company propose you this service without any efforts and these products are very popular.

Nowadays it became very popular to purchase a lot of things via Internet. The list of things you can buy there is considerably increased now. Such things like acetic acid and other chemicals can be easily bought in web. To buy acetic acid for lacquer manufacturers is like a simple moment now, when you can no longer look for a special place to find it. Nevertheless, the quality of such products can be very high, and companies have necessary certificates and other documents.

Such people, who work in lacquer industry have already thought probably, that it would be great idea, if it became possible to purchase special materials and components through Internet. Where to buy acetic acid is the question, which is asked by many people, who work in this industry. Our plant, which is specialized on chemicals offer exactly acetic acid and you can buy it now on our web-site. Save you time and buy only quality product.