Duplicate of A prototype reactor solvent for purification of plutonium was developed in Russia

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New technology allows to reduce costs on purification of plutonium and simplify radioactive wastes management.
There was developed a reactor-solvent April, 7 in Moscow, which enters the part of the installation of plutonium dioxide' s purification, intended for the manufacture of MOX fuel at the Mining and Chemical Combine (MCC). This was reported by the press-service of the company. The reactor is also planned to be used as part of the equipment "Breakthrough".
New technology allows considerably decrease the costs of plutonium purification and simplify treatment with radioactive wastes (RAW).
Completed examination of the project of reactor fuel module  plant BREST-OD-300
"After dissolution, then it goes cleaning of the solution, and as a result - observation of plutonium dioxide of "ceramic" grade, which has a composition suitable for the manufacture of MOX fuel for power block №4 Beloyarsk NPP with reactor BN-800," - said in a statement.
In the near future prototype of reactor will be tested for series of tests.
"Right now it's just an prototype for testing in the conditions of metal laboratory on the water and on the simulator for testing its design and experimental verification of a constructive solution," - said in a statement.
"The prototype provides the opportunity to see what adjustments need to be introduced in the design for further manufacturing already industrial unit ," - said the press service said.
"SverdNIIKhimMash" is an engineering center of nuclear complex of Russia. It serves as the lead organization to establish industry equipment and technological complexes for radiochemical production, nuclear fuel cycle, recycling and disposal of radioactive waste.