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N-butyl acetate or normal butyl acetate is a good solvent of nitrocellulose, chlorinated rubber, resins and other glyptal film-forming substances used in the paint industry. It's also a part of many multi-solvents, such as solvent 646. 646 "GOST"solvent is a mixture of volatile organic solvents: aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones, alcohols and esters.

This material is used for dilution of nitrocellulose (NC), glyptal (GF) melanin amid (ML), acrylic and epoxy paints, and coatings. After drying paint gives a nice sheen. It's added as necessary to obtain the desired viscosity.

This solvent has particular features:

The solution provides a normal process of film formation of varnishes and enamels;

Solvent 646 GOST improves their luster;

The material is vaporized without saving odor films;

The solvent is introduced into the varnish and paint materials in small portions with constant stirring until the required viscosity of no more than the amount as specified in the instructions for use of products.

Solvent 646 GOST stored in tightly closed containers in a Fire safety indoors, protected from direct sunlight.

All operations with the solvent 646 GOST should be conducted in a ventilated area.

Working with this solvent one should be remember that the solvent 646 GOST is toxic.

Avoid contact with solvent 646 GOST eyes.

Use gloves.

When the solvent gets 646 GOST skin contact, wash with soap and water.

1-butanol (n-butanol, n-butyl alcohol) C4H9OH is a represent of monohydric alcohols. It's known primary normal butyl alcohol CH3 (CH2) 3OH and its isomers: normal secondary butyl alcohol SN3SN2SN (OH) CH3, isobutyl alcohol (CH3) 2SNSN2ON, tert-butyl alcohol (trimethyl) (CH3) 3SON.

Normal butanol msds includes different information about its features and accident prevention. You can look it through on our web-site.