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Butanol comes in a liquid form and has a specific smell. Miscible with aqueous butanol and other solvents.

Technical butanol is used to dissolve paints, lacquers, enamels used in the production of raw materials for paints and other chemical industries, as well as as a fuel for cars.

Purchase of Butanol (or purchase of butyl alcohol, its secondary name) now is a very fast process, because it can be proceeded in Internet. You can alsopurchase of Butyl Acetate.

Butyl acetate is an ester. It's colorless or slightly yellow liquid with a characteristic smell. Butyl acetate is slightly soluble in water; mixed with organic solvents and vegetable oils. Butyl acetate is a good solvent of nitrocellulose, chlorinated rubber, resins and other glyptal film-forming substances used in the paint industry.

Butyl acetate is used for the synthesis of chemical products it is the most common solvent in the preparation and application of paints. Butyl dissolves cellulose ethers,  oils, fats, chlorinated rubber,  vinyl polymers,  resins, karbiolnye, etc. Additive of butylacetate along with a small amount of butyl alcohol prevents whitening of lacquer films. Butyl acetate is used in the leather industry as a tanning agent.

Danger: Technical butyl by their impact on the human body refers to the number of low-hazard substances. It's a flammable liquid. In a mixture with air it forms an explosive mixture.

Packing: Technical butyl is poured in galvanized steel drums,  aluminum barrel,  rail and road tankers.

Transportation: Transportation is carried out in barrels by rail or road in covered vehicles,  rail tank cars,  tank trucks in compliance with the rules of the transport of dangerous goods, acting on the kind of transport.