DEZINFAST АМ Desinfectant

DEZINFAST АМ Desinfectant

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A concentrated disinfectant based on quaternary ammonium compounds. It is diluted with water to prepare a working solution. It has antimicrobial and antiviral effect.  It does not cause metal corrosion, prevents the formation of mildew, does not discolor fabrics, has good detergent properties and economical consumption (8 ml of concentrate per 10 liters of water). It is used for disinfection of passenger and freight transport, warehouses, sanitary equipment, medical products (surgical, dental), ventilation systems, objects and surfaces, linen, table and laboratory utensils, medical waste.


Safety and regulation

Use the product only as directed in accordance with the instructions for use. Avoid contact with your skin, eyes and respiratory organs. Store at  -30°С to +30°C in containers  closed tightly in well-ventilated areas, out of reach of children, protected from moisture and direct sunlight, away from heating appliances and open flame, separately from medicines, food raw materials and food products.