DEZINFAST НУК-15 Desinfectant

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DEZINFAST НУК-15 Desinfectant

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A concentrated disinfectant based on peracetic acid with the highest active ingredient content of 15%. Suitable for rapid and irreversible inactivation of microorganisms. It prevents the formation of mildew. It is used for disinfection of passenger and cargo transport, warehouses, sanitary equipment, ventilation systems, food production facilities. It is a disinfectant effective against gram-negative and gram-positive microorganisms, coronavirus, anaerobic and other especially dangerous infections.


Safety and regulation

Use the product only as directed in accordance with the instructions for use. Avoid contact with your skin, eyes and respiratory organs. Store at  0°С to +30°C in containers  closed tightly in well-ventilated areas, out of reach of children, protected from moisture and direct sunlight, away from heating appliances and open flame, separately from medicines, food raw materials and food products.