Acetone GOST 2768-84

Acetone GOST 2768-84

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Acetone GOST 2768-84 is a colorless homogeneous volatile flammable liquid with no turbidity, dehomogenization or suspended particles, has a characteristic pungent odour. Acetone is a raw material for the synthesis of acetic anhydride, mesityl oxide, bisphenol A, ketene, diacetone alcohol, diphenylpropane, methyl isobutyl ketone, isophorone, methyl methacrylate, etc. Ability of industrial acetone to dissolve chemicals and organics is used not only for washing or cleaning various surfaces and to dilute technical compounds, paints and adhesives, but also to extract oils and valuable substances from plants, including leaf, grain, wood and other types of raw materials. Acetone is active against acetyl and nitrocellulose, waxes, alkaloids, animal and vegetable fats, rubber as well as some salts (calcium chloride, potassium iodide). Due to its high dissolving ability, it is used as a solvent of nitro enamels and nitrovarnishes; in military industry, acetone is used for production of explosives, smokeless powder; in pharmacology  -  for production of medicated films and some medicines, in particular analgesics; in industry - for production of organic glass; in aerosol cans, as cleaner of parts, working surfaces and tools from assembly foam; in cosmetology - for producing nail polish removers.

Technical characteristics
  • Mass fraction of acetone, % - not less than 99,75
  • Density at 20°C, g/cm3 - 0.789-0.791
  • Mass fraction of water, % - not more than 0.2
  • Mass fraction of methyl alcohol % - not more than 0.05
  • Mass fraction of acids in conversion to acetic acid, % - not more than 0.001
  • Resistance to oxidation by potassium permanganate, h - not less than 4


Safety and regulation

Use this product in a well-ventilated room, wearing protective gloves. If the solvent comes into contact with the skin, wash it off with plenty of water. If the solvent is spilled on the surface, it is collected with a scoop, then the surface is washed with plenty of water. Keep away from heating appliances and electrical equipment. Keep away from fire.