Ethyl Acetate

Ethyl Acetate

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Ethyl acetate is a colorless liquid with a pungent odor and no mechanical impurities. Ethyl acetate is used as a solvent for paints, inks and cellulose ethers, a reagent in the production of pharmaceuticals; mixed with alcohol - as a solvent in the production of artificial leather, an extracting agent for various organic substances and aqueous solutions.

Technical characteristics
  • Density of ethyl acetate at 20°C, g/cm3 - 0.898-0.900
  • Mass fraction of base substance, % - not less than 99.0
  • Mass fraction of acetic acid, % - not more than 0.004
  • Mass fraction of non-volatile residue, % - not more than 0.001
  • Temperature limits of ethyl acetate distillation at pressure of 760 mm.hg, C - 75-78 
  • Mass fraction of water, % - not more than 0.1
  • Relative volatility (as per ethyl ether) - 2-3
  • Mass fraction of ethyl alcohol - not present


Safety and regulation

Use this product in a well-ventilated room, wearing protective gloves. If the solvent comes into contact with the skin, wash it off with plenty of water. If the solvent is spilled on the surface, it is collected with a scoop, then the surface is washed with plenty of water. Keep away from heating appliances and electrical equipment. Keep away from fire.