Aromatic Hydrocarbon Fraction (AHF)

Aromatic Hydrocarbon Fraction (AHF)

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Aromatic hydrocarbon fraction (AHF) is a transparent liquid with a characteristic odor of petroleum products, free of mechanical impurities and water. AHF is used in gasoline production and as a high-octane additive in the petrochemical industry. AHF is a solvent for petroleum polymer resins, dyes, varnishes and is used in production of aromatic and petroleum solvents as well as in production of number solvents and as absorbents.

Technical characteristics
  • Density at 20°C, g/cm3 - not less than 860
  • The temperature at the beginning of distillation, C - not lower than 120
  • 90% distillation temperature, C - not higher than 160
  • Mass fraction of aromatic hydrocarbons, % - toluene not more than 30, aromatic hydrocarbons C8 not less than 60, aromatic hydrocarbons C9-C10 not more than 10
  • The reaction of the aqueous extract is neutral
  • Passes the test on volatility
  • No hydrogen sulfide and thiols


Safety and regulation

Use this product in a well-ventilated room, wearing protective gloves. If the solvent comes into contact with the skin, wash it off with plenty of water. If the solvent is spilled on the surface, it is collected with a scoop, then the surface is washed with plenty of water. Keep away from heating appliances and electrical equipment. Keep away from fire.