Ultimax DL Butyl Acetate

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Ultimax DL Butyl Acetate

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Butyl acetate is used with 2K Polyurethane and 2K Acrylic systems. It is recommended for use under elevated temperatures for dilution of primers, mattee, glossy, high gloss varnishes and enamels. It has a high dilution capacity, provides vertical stabilization, excellent flowability and increases the drying time of coating films, it also extends the life time of working mixtures. It can be used for cleaning painting equipment and degreasing metal surfaces. Add butyl acetate to the work mixture gradually, mixing thoroughly manuallyor mechanically until a homogeneous consistency is obtained.   

Technical characteristics
  • Color, appearance - colorless clear liquid without turbidity, dehomogenization and visible suspended particles
  • Mass fraction of water by Fischer, %, max - 0.08
  • Acid value in mg KOH/g, max - 0.6
  • Shelf life - 12 months
  • Evaporation rate - slow
  • Dilution capacity - high
  • Shagreen / Wave length - medium / long
  • Temperature of application - from +25°C to +40°C        


Safety and regulation

Butyl acetate is toxic. High concentration of its vapors in the air of the working area causes irritation of eyes and respiratory organs. In case of skin contact, it may cause eczema and dermatitis. Any operations with thinners should be carried out outdoors or in a room with through ventilation (forced ventilation). Gloves, respirators, goggles, overalls must be worn and industrial hygiene must be observed. It is a flammable liquid, store it in tightly closed containers, protect it from direct sunlight, away from heating appliances and electrical devices.