HS CODE 2914110000

Опубликовано: 19.02.2015 Время чтения: 1 минута 614

HS Code 2914110000 is a code for importing acetone. We want to discuss the transporting acetone abroad.

The Certificate of acetone in a "GOST"Russian system is not necessary. This chemical is on the impact on the body is a low-hazard substance and belongs to the fourth class of hazard. Certificate of acetone can be obtained in a voluntary certification system.

But acetone relates to drug substances and can enter the body through the skin and accumulate in it. Acetone is inflammable. Therefore, when working with it requires the presence of ventilation and one can't work with acetone near open flames. For laboratory researches the samples of the substance may be required, when it's taken one must also comply with the safety rules and have a special protective clothing.