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Isobutyl alcohol ( butanol ) is used in the manufacture of paints,  nitrocellulose,  butyl acetate,  plasticizers, phenol resins,  lubricant additives,  solvents and washes. Isobutanol is an extractant for fats and belongs to the toxic products of the third class of danger. Isobutyl alcohol can buy in drums or plastic cans.

Isobutanol or isobutyl alcohol its second name is a flammable organic compound with formula   (CH3)2CHCH2OH and due to this it has own material safety data sheet. Isobutanol msds will be sent on your e-mail if you want to purchase this chemical on our site.

Our company offers to buy isobutyl acetate (which is produced by esterification isobutanol with acetic acid) at affordable prices with delivery by road or rail. Thus isobutanol has an extremely wide range of applications ( used as a solvent paint products, chemical synthesis,  as an additive to petrol ),  our proposal will be interesting to a large number of enterprises in Russia and beyond its borders.

Isobutyl alcohol has the following indicators:

  1. Color on Pt scale, no more than 7
  2. Density of isobutyl alcohol at 20 ° C, g / cm 3 0.801 *
  3. Mass percentage of isobutyl alcohol, %, not less than 99.3
  4. Mass percentage  of acids as acetic acid, no more than 0,003
  5. Bromine number g / 100 g of bromine on an alcohol,  no more than 0.02
  6. Mass fraction of carbonyl compounds in terms of butyraldehyde, %, no more than 0.03
  7. Mass percentage of non-volatile residue, %, no more than 0.0025
  8. Mass percentage of water, no more than 0.1 %