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Paint raw materials ( paints VAP) - are products that adhere to the substrate surface, forming a protective film. They consist of several components, each of which has its own purpose to affect the properties of paints and paint films formed on the surface.

It is primarily the binder, pigment, filler, solvent and various additives, components, depending on the amounts of which the paints are classified.

For example, depending on the binder ( provides adhesion to the substrate and protects it ) paints are oil alkyd, acrylic, silicone, silicate, chalk, lime, cement and so forth.

By the way, the binder ( sometimes called resin and film former ) is one of the most important components of paint raw material, prices of which are very affordable on our web-site. Communication depends on the applied physical and mechanical properties of the paint, that is filming, elasticity, hardness, wear resistance, gloss and drying.

For oil-based paints binder are: oil, drying by oxidation (usually linseed ), linseed oil linseed oil, oil-filled alkyd resin or a mixture of different oils. Linseed oil is a low molecular weight binder which is well into the wood, forming a dense waterproof film. Linseed oil paints are high solids, as it does not need a binder dilution solvents. These dyes are often used as primers, for example for planking. The advantage of oil-based paints have a high degree of filling and low consumption. But they are characterized by slow drying.

Paint raw material for alkyd binder is an alkyd resin. This "nail "is generally manufactured by digestion of plant oils ( linseed, tallow, soybean, etc.) together with the liquor and organic acids or acid anhydrides. Alkyds - is a range of communication, which allows to produce paints for wide application by selecting the binder. 

For dispersion, i.e. water-based materials, the most common binder polyvinyl acetate ( PVA), polyvinyl acetate polymers ! styrene / acrylic copolymers, styrene / butadiene copolymers, and various mixtures of these binders.

A binder dispersion varnish and paints materials for exterior applications are generally polyacrylates having sufficient weatherability.

Paint raw material suppliers now go further and provide their services in Internet.

Varnish and paints may be classified depending on the environment of use (for interior and exterior), on the application (for construction, industrial or artistic), the type of drying (physical, chemical, thermal), the degree of gloss and depending on the substrate (metal, wood, mineral substrates).