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If you think of purchasing of N-butyl acetate (Acetic acid) you are in the right place. Purchasing n-butyl ester for food or perfume/cosmetic industries in Internet is a good choice of modern decision.

Acetic acid is one of the first of acids,  which became known to mankind (in the form of vinegar,  formed by wine souring ). In concentrated form, it is obtained by Stahl in 1700,  and the structure was established by Berzelius in 1814. Acetic acid is distributed in plants both in the free form and as salts and esters; it is formed by the decay and fermentation of dairy products. Conversion of the alcohol in the vinegar liquids (3 - 15 % acetic acid) occurs by the action of bacteria "acetic fungus" Micoderma aceti. From the fermented liquid by distillation one gives 80 % acetic acid - acetic essence. The acetic acid in a small amount was prepared from "wood vinegar "- one of the products of dry distillation of wood.

The main industrial method for producing acetic acid, acetaldehyde oxidation is synthesized from the reaction of acetylene by Kucherov reaction. Oxidation is produced by air or oxygen at 60 ° C and catalysis ( SN3SOS ) 2Mn. In this way, 95 - 97 % acetic acid is observed. In the presence of cobalt acetate from copper at 40 ° a mixture of acetic acid (50 - 55 % ), acetic anhydride (30 -35 % ) and water (~ 10%) are observed. The mixture is separated by distillation. Technical importance for the production of acetic acid is also caused by oxidation of ethylene,  ethyl alcohol and other,  as well as the action of sulfuric acid on nitroethane.

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