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IBA or indolebutyric acid is white crystalline solid, mp. 123 - 125 ° C. Insoluble in water but soluble in most organic solvents. Purchase of IBA is possible on our site as well as purchase of Isobutanol.

Plant growth regulator is used to improve rooting of pears, apples, cherries, plums, cherries, peaches, vines, lemons by dipping planting material before planting in the ground at 0.0005 % solution.

In airtight containers it can be stored for 2 years.

The are most commonly used three methods of enabling processing cuttings:

  • Immersion of the lower ends of the cuttings in water solutions stimulants ( prepared solutions of low, medium or high concentration );
  • Immersion of the lower ends of cuttings stimulants alcoholic solutions ( used for the treatment of plant cuttings that may not be long in the water, as well as the rare and valuable breeding plants);
  • Processing of the lower ends of the cuttings dry powdered growth ( growth stimulant mixture with talc or powdered charcoal, usually at the rate of 1-30 mg per 1 g of stimulant talc or coal ).

 Rooting cuttings is further enhanced in the processing of their lower ends before planting a mixture of growth stimulator with vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or vitamin B1 (thiamine). Vitamins also contribute to more rapid growth of sprouts in rooted cuttings ( but only one application of vitamins to improve rooting and better sprout growth in cuttings without use with vitamins growth stimulants, gives no positive effect ). In the preparation of aqueous or alcoholic solutions of growth stimulant and in the preparation of the growth of powder it's added to one of these aforementioned vitamins, pre- dissolved in a small amount of water - its powder. After preparation, the alcohol solution is added to it stimulator vitamin concentration:  vitamin C - 20-50 mg per 1 mL of 50 % alcohol, vitamin B1 - 2-20 mg. In preparing the powders of growth it was added at the rate of dissolved Vitamin:  vitamin C - 50-100 mg per 1 g of talc or carbon, vitamin B1 - 5.10 mg per 1 g.

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